This table contains all classes related to the static layout. This is a custom layout classes for static layout page requirements.

All these options can be set via following classes:

Classes Description
.navbar-static To set navbar static you need to add navbar-static class in <body> tag.
.navbar-static-top To set navbar static you need to add navbar-static-top class in <nav> tag.
.menu-static To set the main navigation static on page menu-static class needs to add in navigation wrapper.
.footer-static To set the footer static on page footer-static class needs to add in footer wrapper.

CSS Classes

Default this template has a static layout elements, so there is no any specific classes need to add to create this layout.

HTML Markup

This section contains HTML Markup to create static layout. This layout has a navigation, content and left sidebar sections with common header & footer.

Frest has a ready to use starter kit, you can use this layout directly by using the starter kit pages from the frest-clean-bootstrap-admin-dashboard-template/starter-kit folder.

                <!DOCTYPE html>
                  <html lang="en">
                    <body class="vertical-layout vertical-menu-modern 2-columns navbar-static menu-expanded" data-menu="vertical-menu-modern">

                      <!-- Static-top-->
                      <nav class="header-navbar navbar-expand-lg navbar navbar-with-menu navbar-static-top navbar-light navbar-shadow">

                      <!-- Begin Navigation-->
                      <div class="main-menu menu-static menu-light menu-accordion menu-shadow expanded">
                      <!-- End Navigation-->

                      <!-- Begin Content-->
                      <div class="content app-content">
                      <!-- End Content-->

                      <!-- Start Static Footer-->
                      <footer class="footer footer-static footer-light">
                      <!-- End Static Footer-->