Add .touchspin class with input tag to add touchspin input group. Add .disabled-touchspin class and add attribute disabled with input tag to add disabled touchspin input group.


Add .input-group-lg and .input-group-sm class for touchspin large and small respectively.


Set data-bts-step and data-bts-decimals attributes.

Min - Max

Set min and max attributes values for minimum and maximum.


Set step attribute value in page js file.

Colors Variation

set data-bts-button-down-class & data-bts-button-up-class attribute and add value as btn btn-{color} for different colors spinner.

Touchspin Variation

Add data-bts-postfix="POSTFIX_VALUE" attribute to input to add postfix to touchspin input group and add data-bts-prefix="PREFIX_VALUE" attribute to input to add prefix to touchspin input group. Add .touchspin-vertical class with <input> for Vertical Touchspin Effect. Add .touchspin-glow along with .input-group for adding glow effect to touchspin.

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How can we help? 😄

7:45 AM

Hey John, I am looking for the best admin template.

Could you please help me to find it out? 🤔

7:50 AM

Stack admin is the responsive bootstrap 4 admin template.

8:01 AM