Basic Checkboxes

Custom Checkboxes

Add .custom-control .custom-checkbox as a single wrapper and add .custom-control-label for better output.

Custom Colored Checkboxes

To change the color of the Custom CheckBoxes, use the .bg-{colorName} with .custom-control-input class.

Colored Checkboxes

To change the color of the checkBox, use the checkbox-{colorName} for primary, secondary, success, danger, info, warning.

Checkboxes Glow

Use class .checkbox-glow class with .checkbox.checkbox-{colorName} for glow effect to Checkboxes. Glow shadow color will be changed according to Colored Checkboxes.

Checkboxes Shadow

Use class .checkbox-shadow class with .checkbox for shadow effect to Checkboxes.

Checkboxes with Icons

Use .checkbox-icon with .checkbox class to change the internal icon inside the checkbox.

Checkboxes Sizes

To add a checkBox with different sizes, we have the .checkbox-sm class for small Checkboxes. Add it along with .checkbox class.

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Hey John, I am looking for the best admin template.

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Stack admin is the responsive bootstrap 4 admin template.

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